On-Site Portable Eyewash Station-7 Gallons

$Call for Pricing

This eyewash station is also re-closeable so if you use it for a minute you don’t have to recharge it.

Portable Eyewash General Details

Self-contained eyewash unit is ideal anywhere water supply is not available. Flushes eyes for 15 minutes at a minimum of 0.4 gallons/minute by using only 7 gallons of water. Transparent tank assembly lets you see at a glance when it’s time to clean or refill the tank. Sturdy pedestal with hinged eyewash tray pulls down in one quick motion. Removable tank is inverted onto pedestal, piercing a liner. Stainless steel clamps hold tank to pedestal. When arm is pulled down, water flow is activated. Call First Response At +1 815 355 1450 For Pricing.